4. 1953 Morris Minor Series MM

1953 Morris Minor Series MM Splitscreen

00mm03 copy.jpg

I’ve owned this dear old Minor, with the famous ‘Cheesegrater’ grille, since 2003.

01mm01 copy.jpg

It sports a very rare accessory …a genuine splitscreen sun visor.

02IMG_6544 copy.jpg

I drove the car for a few years with its original engine and gearbox. But the gearbox fitted to these cars is prone to crunch gears, and I got fed up clunking with every gear-change so, in 2006, I replaced it with a much more practical 1098cc engine and box.

03mm02 copy.jpg

It zips around much more respectably now.

04mm04 copy.jpg

I’ve left the paintwork in its original weathered condition because it looks so good as is.

05mm05 copy.jpg

The interior is wonderful. The smell of the leather jumps out and bites you on the nose the minute you open the door in the morning.

06mm06 copy.jpg

Though I do like to look at restored cars, I very much prefer the ‘oily rag’ look, ie original and unrestored.

07mm07 copy.jpg

Perhaps it reflects personal dress sense? Do owners of restored cars also wear polished shoes and white shirts? Me? I’m a total scruff and proud of it.

08mm04 copy.jpg

Of course, the worst place for over-restoring cars is Los Angeles. But, there again, it’s also the world capital of face-lifts and cosmetic surgery. Perhaps cars do reflect their owners after all?










09xmm05 copy.jpg







10IMG_6515 copy.jpg


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